How my business has adapted to the pandemic

June 18, 2020

June 18, 2020

Today I want to share how I have adapted my business through the Covid-19 pandemic.  This time has taught me to slow down, to reflect on my clients, and to determine how I can be an even better resource and valued asset for them going forward.

To be honest, I, like most of us, was totally unprepared for the world to stop for a few weeks.  I was working with my clients and showing homes, hosting open houses, and humming right along, thinking the world was great.  The weather was warming up, and I was enjoying being out and about, walking neighborhoods, introducing myself and my business by passing our “Forget Me Not” seed packets to keep my name out in the market.

Then comes the pandemic and a new approach.  Social distancing does not lead to many people wanting you to come into contact with their door or handing them a seed packet.  My in-person open houses came to a close.  Everyone, it seems, was trying to determine how to balance their need to be safe and their necessities of life.  In addition, there was the question of what an “essential worker” was, or whether I needed to stay home.  Fortunately, real estate in Texas is considered essential.

However, some buyers and sellers no longer wanted to meet face to face.  Sellers were reluctant to have people in their homes to view them, and buyers did not want to get out.  Then, the question for me became how I was going to survive in my business if everything I had been doing now needed to change..

As with anything in life, we must be open to learning and adapting.  I am an avid fan of learning new things, especially watching videos.  I dove head first into signing up for as many webinars and training classes that were being offered on how to put together virtual open houses.  I tried to increase communication with clients through weekly emails and keep myself engaged with clients, even though I could no longer do this face to face.

I also invested in some new cameras.  I now have an action camera that I can strap onto my head or chest and walk a client through a home with my client sitting safely at home.  In addition, I invested in a 360 degree camera to have the ability to send a walk-through to a client so they can control what portion of the room they want to see.

For those clients who still wanted to get out and see homes, gloves and hand sanitizer have been provided.  Some sellers, especially owner or tenant-occupied homes, have asked that we wear masks as well.  We have adjusted to meet the current situation.

Signs show that the market is growing in activity.  I am continuing to find new ways to present your home or to tour a home in the safest, most comfortable way possible.